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Autumn is the third calendar season of a year in Re:Legend. It is followed by Winter Icon 001.png Winter and preceded by Summer Icon 001.png Summer.


Festivals and other events[]

Day Name Description
2nd Lantern Night Viewing Townsfolk decorate the beach with lanterns.
6th Kiosk Sales Day Items in kiosk area are discounted by 20%.
12th Moo Moo Faire Patrons of the Moo Moo Faire compete for the best Moota.
13th Industrial Sales Day Items in industrial area are discounted by 20%.
20th Combat Sales Day Items in combat area are discounted by 20%.
27th Fish Racing Participate in fish racing and become a winner


Day Villager
8th Kia Icon 001.png Kia
10th Len Icon 001.png Len
15th Lloyd Icon 001.png Lloyd
26th Pia Icon 001.png Pia


Land Crops[]

Name Description
Beanill Icon 001.png Beanill Gelatinous pods containing tasty fruit juice.
Capsicon Icon 001.png Capsicon A round vegetable that packs a bit of heat.
Kauliforn Icon 001.png Kauliforn Gelatinous fruit with a chewy stem.
Parzap Icon 001.png Parzap Root vegetable that looks like a lightning bolt.
Torange Icon 001.png Torange A round fruit with sweet and tangy flesh.

Aquatic Crops[]

Name Description
Bobacha Icon 001.png Bobacha Sweet jelly fruit with many chewy inner parts.
Colnut Icon 001.png Colnut Fruit with a nutty and fizzy flavour.
Kalbage Icon 001.png Kalbage Vegetable with inner ball comprised of leaves.
Paterlilly Icon 001.png Paterlilly Pink flower with sweet petals.
Tomater Icon 001.png Tomater Oval red fruit with pulpy sour flesh.