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The Bow is a weapon type in Re:Legend.


Bows are mainly for players who love to keep their distance from danger and prefer to attack enemies from afar. You're a range class so you will very vulnerable to attacks if you get too close to melee baddies. As you progress through the bow proficiency levels, the amount of arrows that you can shoot in every attack increases and they will spread out to hit more target. By maxing out the bow proficiency, you will be able to hit lots of enemies in one single shot and cover a huge area.

Besides shooting more arrows, you will be able to unlock charging skill just like the other classes. Charging skills for bows have great area of effect and they can deal massive damage over time. Be sure to aim properly before charging up the skills as you will not be able to re-position yourself while charging. Once the charge is finished, the arrow will damage a huge area in front of you.

List of Bows[]

Name Level Physical Damage Icon 001.png Physical Pierce Icon 001.png Critical Chance Icon 001.png Critical Damage Icon 001.png
Alachi Bow +20% None
Beginner Bow Icon 001.png Beginner Bow 1 +10 +1 +5% None
Capewind Bow +15%
Corthorn Bow Icon 001.png Corthorn Bow 5 +20 +10 +5% None
Pirafin Bow Icon 001.png Pirafin Bow 10 +28 +30 +7% None
Dracohunt Bow Icon 001.png Dracohunt Bow 15 +38 +40 +9% +7%
Vebon Bow +10%
Versnal Bow +10% +5%
Oriter Bow +11% +5%
Werlict Bow +12% +15%
Desert Bow +15%
Thornfluff Bow +18%

Please note you can craft any of these bows no matter what your level is, but you will not be able to equip it until your character is the specified level.

Updated as of Version 16.3.3