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Emilia Icon 001.png
Occupation Icon 001.png Occupation: Shopkeeper
Birthday Icon 001.png Birthday: Spring Icon 001.png Spring 23rd
Location(s): Vokka Town
Villager Like Icon 001.png Likes: Appearl
Villager Dislike Icon 001.png Dislikes: Ore
No senior citizen discounts, they have had twice as long to get the money~!

Emilia is a villager in Re:Legend. She is one of the earliest villager you get to meet. Once you have completed your first mission, she will open up her shop.


Cheerful girl who loves capitalism and anything of great value. Gets angry when you ask her for a discount on her goods...


Day Time Location
Sunday 9:30 AM Training grounds just outside Guild
7:00 PM Leaves shop, stands outside
Saturday 7:00 PM Leaves shop, heads to Vokka Gate
8:00 PM Sitting on bench in Vokka Gate
Emilia runs the Item shop
Stage 1 (No Upgrade) (Crops listed in this area are seasonal and fully grown)
Raw Meat Icon 001.png Raw Meat 250 Gold Fish Pellets 25 Gold Fish Feed 50 Gold
Fertilizer Icon 001.png Fertilizer 250Gold Supersizer 5,000Gold Brush 400Gold
Hoe Icon 001.png Basic Hoe 750Gold Basic Spade 750Gold Pickaxe Icon 001.png Basic Pickaxe 600Gold
Axe Icon 001.png Basic Axe 700Gold Fishing Rod Icon 001.png Cheap Pole 700Gold Watering Can Icon 001.png Basic Watering Can 1300Gold
Bulberry Icon 001.png Bulberry (spring) 600Gold Luffel Icon 001.png Luffel (summer) 3000Gold Parzap Icon 001.png Parzap (fall) 1200Gold
Brocollin Icon 001.png Brocollin (winter) 1320Gold
Stage 2 (includes all items listed in Stage 1 and Stage 1 Seeds)
Fish Pellets (Star grade) 100Gold Fish Feed (Star Grade) 125Gold
Stage 3 (includes all items listed in Stage 1, Stage 1 Seeds and Stage 2)
Spring Seeds
Red string bags are Land seeds. Teal String Bags are Aquatic Seeds.
Bulberry Seed Icon 001.png Bulberry 80Gold Eggplant Seed Icon 001.png Eggplant 260Gold Kairoot Seed Icon 001.png Kairoot 50Gold Popberry Seed Icon 001.png Popberry 120Gold
Plumose Seed Icon 001.png Plumose 150Gold Bloomwort Seed Icon 001.png Bloomwort 750Gold Glowfig Seed Icon 001.png Glowfig 260Gold Sunkelp Seed Icon 001.png Sunkelp 60Gold
Summer Seeds
Red string bags are Land seeds. Teal String Bags are Aquatic Seeds.
Cucore Seed Icon 001.png Cucore 500Gold Garlint Seed Icon 001.png Garlint 600Gold Pintrot Seed Icon 001.png Pintrot 800Gold Luffel Seed Icon 001.png Luffel 250Gold
Chupods Seed Icon 001.png Chupods 250Gold Janana Seed Icon 001.png Janana 400Gold Wataro Seed Icon 001.png Wataro 250G Mimelo Seed Icon 001.png Mimelo 100Gold
Fall Seeds
Red string bags are Land seeds. Teal String Bags are Aquatic Seeds.
Beanill Seed Icon 001.png Beanill 350Gold Parzap Seed Icon 001.png Parzap 50Gold Kauliforn Seed Icon 001.png Kauliforn 180Gold Capsicon Seed Icon 001.png Capsicon 450Gold
Paterlilly Seed Icon 001.png Paterlilly 240Gold Kalbage Seed Icon 001.png Kalbage 300Gold Tomater Seed Icon 001.png Tomater 170Gold Bobacha Seed Icon 001.png Bobacha 250Gold
Winter Seeds
Red string bags are Land seeds. Teal String Bags are Aquatic Seeds.
Brocollin Seed Icon 001.png Brocollin (wl) 30Gold Prunate Seed Icon 001.png Prunate 35Gold Frostmel Seed Icon 001.png Frostmel 40Gold Potater Seed Icon 001.png Potater 25Gold
Solflessia Seed Icon 001.png Solflessia 600Gold Ballonion Seed Icon 001.png Ballonion 550Gold Asparutus Seed Icon 001.png Asparutus 180Gold Riced Seed Icon 001.png Riced 350Gold