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How to Fish[]

In order to start fishing you need a fishing pole, you get one through the completion of the tutorial or you can craft one yourself. Once you have a fishing pole you must then find one of the many fishing spots scatted throughout the world.

The fishing spots are easy to find if you know where you are looking for. A fishing spot will be right next to any body of water, then within the water you should see the silhouette of a fish swimming around. Walk up to the water and an icon of a fish should appear over your head.

Once the icon appears equip you fishing pole and click. Once you click you will cast you line triggering the fishing mini game, be prepared. The line will be cast near the fish and it will nibble on your line, then once it bites down and exclamation point will appear and that is when you should click again to set the line.

Once the line is set a fishing pole will appear along with a blue bar with a fish icon. For ease we can call the blue bar the fishes health/stamina and the fishing pole is your own poles stress/health. You need to click and hold to reel the fish in. As you click the stress bar of you pole will fill up, be careful though because if it fills up you rod will break resulting in you losing the fish. So you need to click and then release to let your stress go down. Be alert, the fish will sometimes fight back drastically raising your stress bar. In order to counteract the fish press and hold the desired movement key that correspond to the arrow/s that show up on screen.

If you follow all these instructions you can successfully catch a fish yourself!


Sometimes while fishing a bigger and badder fish will come around and eat the fish on your line!

This typically happens when your first fish is at half health, but don't fret all that this impacts is that the fish health bar is reset and the new fish is harder to catch. If you remember these tips it shouldn't be a challenge.

Happy Fishing!

Where to Fish[]

Coastal Island

  • 2 available fishing spot(s) in Vokka Town at the Angler Area.
  • 1 available fishing spot in Vokka Town at the Vokka Beach.
  • 2 available fishing spot(s) in Puffy Path towards the North-West section.
  • 1 available fishing spot(s) in Windy Trail towards the South-West section.
  • 1 available fishing spot(s) in Sandy Beach towards the West section.
  • 1 available fishing spot(s) in The Temple at the Sunken Fall.
   - You can find this fishing spot by going to the room where you find Magenta and heading to the room to the right, and keep going till you're at the end of the tunnel

Sunken Valphyr

  • 1 available fishing spot(s) in the gigantic shell.

Forest Island

  • 1 available fishing spot(s) in Witchmarsh toward the middle section.
  • 1 available fishing spot(s) in Mystic Aisle toward the west section.

List of Fishes[]

Name Size Value
Berkel Icon 001.png Berkel Small 110 Gold
Brickel Icon 001.png Brickel Small 140 Gold
Butternet Icon 001.png Butternet Small 30 Gold
Clomper Icon 001.png Clomper Small 280 Gold
Chlow Icon 001.png Chlow Small 90 Gold
Flogrin Icon 001.png Flogrin Small 200 Gold
Gupper Icon 001.png Gupper Small 50 Gold
Hackrell Icon 001.png Hackrell Small 160 Gold
Kardine Icon 001.png Kardine Small 250 Gold
Kostar Icon 001.png Kostar Small 150 Gold
Mudlop Icon 001.png Mudlop Small 230 Gold
Ouluk Icon 001.png Ouluk Small 450 Gold
Pillet Icon 001.png Pillet Small 110 Gold
Rainbow Icon 001.png Rainbow Small 250 Gold
Sagklin Icon 001.png Sagklin Small 90 Gold
Slydin Icon 001.png Slydin Small 400 Gold
Starbream Icon 001.png Starbream Small 300 Gold
Name Size Value
Angler Icon 001.png Angler Medium 250 Gold
Drokol Icon 001.png Drokol Medium 350 Gold
Gloust Icon 001.png Gloust Medium 350 Gold
Grekon Icon 001.png Grekon Medium 450 Gold
Harpil Icon 001.png Harpil Medium 400 Gold
Jigil Icon 001.png Jigil Medium 900 Gold
Kilopod Icon 001.png Kilopod Medium 350 Gold
Neelek Icon 001.png Neelek Medium 400 Gold
Ovite Icon 001.png Ovite Medium 550 Gold
Phillit Icon 001.png Phillit Medium 850 Gold
Ramuck Icon 001.png Ramuck Medium 600 Gold
Saberwebel Icon 001.png Saberwebel Medium 400 Gold
Slicefin Icon 001.png Slicefin Medium 750 Gold
Suncol Icon 001.png Suncol Medium 400 Gold
Name Size Value
Chaggarn Icon 001.png Chaggarn Large 900 Gold
Flakeel Icon 001.png Flakeel Large 700 Gold
Gannis Icon 001.png Gannis Large 850 Gold
Gropp Icon 001.png Gropp Large 650 Gold
Groukel Icon 001.png Groukel Large 500 Gold
Rabbitray Icon 001.png Rabbitray Large 770 Gold
Unikoz Icon 001.png Unikoz Large 1,300 Gold
Vattail Icon 001.png Vattail Large 1,200 Gold
Varrage Icon 001.png Varrage Large 650 Gold
Vokkashark Icon 001.png Vokkashark Large 800 Gold
Volfray Icon 001.png Volfray Large 1,250 Gold
Name Size Value
Cartrios Icon 001.png Cartrios x x Gold
Corcil Icon 001.png Corcil x x Gold
Grenearl Icon 001.png Grenearl x x Gold
Igrin Icon 001.png Igrin x x Gold
Lastar Icon 001.png Lastar x x Gold
Plounder Icon 001.png Plounder x x Gold
Rippel Icon 001.png Rippel x x Gold