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Lloyd Icon 001.png
Occupation Icon 001.png Occupation: Miner
Birthday Icon 001.png Birthday: Autumn Icon 001.png Autumn 15th
Location(s): Vokka Town
Villager Like Icon 001.png Likes: Rare Ores
Villager Dislike Icon 001.png Dislikes: Fish Dish
You know... I could sleep on bedrock all day...

Lloyd is a villager in Re:Legend.


Lazy and uninspired person. Loves the sky and looking at birds, wants to be able to fly away from everything.

Lloyd runs the miner shop.

Items sold at the Miner Shop
Stage 1 (No shop upgrade)
Stone Icon 001.png Stone 50Gold Copper Ore Icon 001.png Copper Ore 150Gold
Coal Icon 001.png Coal 500Gold Iron Ore Icon 001.png Iron Ore 300Gold
Stage 2 (includes all items listed above)
Silver Ore 500G Gold Ore 800G
Stage 3
Mithril ore Adamantine ore