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Magenta Icon 001.png
Occupation Icon 001.png Occupation: Merchant
Birthday Icon 001.png Birthday: Winter Icon 001.png Winter 2nd
Location(s): Vokka Town
Villager Like Icon 001.png Likes: Guardian Loot
Villager Dislike Icon 001.png Dislikes: Stone
It's not t-that I'm bad at d-d-directions, I just get l-l-lost in my thoughts easily... Tee hee!

Magenta is a villager in Re:Legend.


Mysterious person that travels to Vokka Village to sell her goods at random intervals. Always seems to be lost.

Magenta runs the Merchant Store out of a little wagon. She sells weapons and rare seeds.

Merchant Store
Dracohunt Bow Icon 001.png Dracohunt Bow 16,600G Aquarine Dualswords Icon 001.png Aquarine Dualswords 16,350G
Draqua Staff Icon 001.png Draqua Staff 16,850G
Appearl Seed Icon 001.png Appearl (spring) 600G Glitterpod Seed Icon 001.png Glitterpod (spring) 1,000G
Flausom Seed Icon 001.png Flausom (Summer) 2,000G Plizzapad Seed Icon 001.png Plizzapad (summer) 1,500G
Torange Seed Icon 001.png Torange (fall) 1,300G Colnut Seed Icon 001.png Colnut (fall) 900G
Mangogo Seed Icon 001.png Mangogo (winter) 50G Gelprit Seed Icon 001.png Gelprit (winter) 1,000G


Magenta coming to Vokka Town every Sunday