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Mia Icon 001.png
Occupation Icon 001.png Occupation: None
Birthday Icon 001.png Birthday: Summer Icon 001.png Summer 5th
Location(s): Vokka Town
Family: Pia Icon 001.png Pia (Husband)
Yia Icon 001.png Yia (Son)
Ria Icon 001.png Ria (Daughter)
Kia Icon 001.png Kia (Son)
Villager Like Icon 001.png Likes: Fish Dish
Villager Dislike Icon 001.png Dislikes: Bloomwort
Waste not, want not.

Mia is a villager in Re:Legend.

Description[edit | edit source]

The center of warmth in her family. She is caring, thoughtful and loved by her family.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Pia will introduce you to his wife Mia. He then asks Mia if she will teach you to cook.

Upon completion of her cooking tutorial she will let you keep the 1x Savoury Wrap she just taught you to cook.

Also upon completion of her cooking tutorial an Oven will then appear in your house so that you can finally cook on your own.

Gallery[edit | edit source]