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Moku Icon 001.png
Occupation Icon 001.png Occupation: Mayor
Birthday Icon 001.png Birthday: Spring Icon 001.png Spring 4th
Location(s): Vokka Town
Villager Like Icon 001.png Likes: Cocofee
Villager Dislike Icon 001.png Dislikes: Roast Fish
Mmm... I was going to grow an herb garden, but I couldn't find the thyme...

Moku is a villager in Re:Legend.


Moku is the Mayor for Vokka Village. Protecting Vokka Village and its inhabitants is his only mission and he will do it at all cost. Despite looking really laid back, he is a heroic person with many secrets.

Meeting the Mayor[]

When you first start the game after you wake up, you will be told you should go meet the Mayor.

Upon meeting the Mayor he asks if you would help find Emilia.

After you are done meeting with him he gives you 1x Beginner Armor, 1x Beginner Dualswords, 1x Beginner Greatsword, 1x Beginner Bow, 1x Beginner Staff, & 3x Juicy Roast Meat.

Day 2[]

After you wake up on the second day and go outside of your house, Moku will be waiting for you.

He will give you a tour of the farm he has just given you the day before.

After he is done with his tour he gives you the following items: