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Mori Icon 001.png
Occupation Icon 001.png Occupation: Chef
Birthday Icon 001.png Birthday: Winter Icon 001.png Winter 13th
Location(s): Vokka Town
Family: Shio Icon 001.png Shio (Brother)
Villager Like Icon 001.png Likes: Pyrameat
Villager Dislike Icon 001.png Dislikes: Fish Dish
To become a vegetarian is a huge missed steak!

Mori is a villager in Re:Legend.

Description[edit | edit source]

Soft spoken and sweet. Runs the restaurant with her brother. Loves Meat, but despises Fish. Opposite of her Brother.

Stage 1 (No upgrade)
Raw Meat Icon 001.png Raw Meat 250G Bulberry Icon 001.png Bulberry 600G
Popberry Icon 001.png Popberry 220G Plumose Icon 001.png Plumose 200G
Sunkelp Icon 001.png Sunkelp 400G Old Log Icon 001.png Old Log 100G
Stage 2 (includes Items listed above)
Stage 3 (includes Items listed above)

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