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Patch went live on February 18, 2019.


  • Charging weapons and tools now disables the ESC button and Travelling.
  • You can now equip 2 runes.
  • Item count in inventory has been fixed.
  • Item bouncing off walls has been tweaked.
  • Random "gretzarmor acquired" appearing on Magnus has been fixed.
  • Bow will longer be stuck in drawing animation if there is a transition to cutscene when the player is attacking.
  • Treasure chests will now work.


  • Throwing food at your Magnus now increases affection and decreases hunger.
  • Barn feed now won't be duplicated.
  • Quest log seen on Magnus model when accessing the Barnbook has been fixed.


  • Cranite burrow skill has been fixed. (No fly zone)
  • Seagasus skills now does damage.
  • Infinite stats allocation on Magnus is now.. finite.
  • Certain visual effects for Magnus has been updated.

Storage/Shipping Bin[]

  • All slots are now fixed.
  • You can now stack items in the storage and shipping bin.


  • Guild Quest various fixes.
  • Dialogues were tweaked and updated.
  • Cutscene lightning fixes.
  • Exiting the Temple Puzzle area will now save the state of the area.
  • Various Quests and NPC tweaks.


  • UI has been completely overhauled.


  • Waterfall sound effect at the industrial area have been toned down.
  • Various Magnus sound effects have been added.
  • More sound effects added to the game.

Farming (Aqua)[]

  • Players can now easily access the water plot without crossing the bridge.
  • Added visual indicator for fishes nibbling on water crops.
  • Optimized visual effects for fishes nibbling on water crops.
  • Improved visibility for water crops when in water.


  • Added Steel Ingot to crafting list.
  • Crafting will now use materials.


  • Temple door now won't have any keys slotted into them.
  • Temple see-through effect has been adjusted.
  • A rock collider in the Dreadclaw battle room was removed.


  • Various tweaks to HUD has been done.