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Patch went live on February 25, 2019


  • Different exploit for stacking fish at the cooking station fixed.
  • You can no longer dupe items using the shipping bin. :P
  • Preserved aspect ratio on slots in shipping & storage.
  • Fixed a bug where the player can get stuck when pressing "ESC" while fishing.
  • You can now buy items if you have the exact amount of gold in your wallet.
  • You can now quit at character creation.
  • Character creation model rotation control tweaked.
  • You can't faint while sleeping sequence is initiated.
  • Magnus in party will retain their HP/SP amount when a save is loaded.
  • Rune equip and unequip cooldown bug is fixed.
  • Fix boss cutscene fainting causing player to be unable to leave the clinic.


  • Draconewt water spray collider extended to fit the VFX.
  • Added SFX for Vale & Seacolt family.
  • Tweaked Vale & Stubjaw SFX.
  • Magnus colliders adjusted.
  • Tweaked camera while mounting Magnus.
  • Magnus will now fully heal when in barn overnight.


  • Tiles will now highlight in red colour when the item being held is not a plantable item.
  • Tweaked visuals on see-through effect for aqua farming.


  • Updated Rune and Quest HUD.
  • Rune cooldown effect visibility tweaked.
  • Fixed player face missing at Edna's updated UI.


  • Certain NPCs schedules tweaked for some quests.
  • NPCs now reacts to the player.


  • Made some adjustments on the looting system that was causing players to get stuck while looting items.