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Patch went live on October 31, 2019.



  • Added various environment sounds, updated some quest/cutscenes with new audio.


  • Fixed a bug where some cutscenes random NPCs are popping up.
  • Adjusted some dialogue lines that were showing weird lines about Hot Springs.


  • For the many people mistakenly losing their Rabbitray, we apologize about that. Currently to ease the process, we adjusted the map where you will meet the Goblins in Vokka Coast (Coastal) to easily encounter large fish where you can mount and continue your journey. Sorry !!
  • Minimaps now show the names properly on the portals.
  • The worldmap now has the updated names for the locations.
  • All "Large" fish now can be mounted on, if not able to previously.
  • Fixed a bug where time was not pausing when UI was open during Single Player.


  • Reduced the project file sizes further and polished some features to reduce drawcalls/frame rate drops.


  • Multiple UI updates and adjustments for sharper visibility, fixed some issues with blurry images/sprites.
  • Adjusted and updated the Magnuspedia page, fixed some visual glitches where the affection, stats requirement and some others will show up in the page now.
  • Added some new UI control tabs for pages that did not have instructions
  • Fixed a bug where missing UI was happening in character creation.
  • Basic inventory sorting has been added, press "Spacebar" to sort your items.


  • Fixed some visual glitches from Magnus and UI that contain faulty VFX.
  • Fixed some status effect visual glitches.


  • Added our Halloween themed island, there are a boost for Shadow Magnus on the isle and even some special loots to find?
  • Added shadow variants for all Magnus currently, Coastal and Forest biomes.
  • Some hats[Equipment] have been added for this spooky season.



In Progress[]


  • Optimizing the system and flow, that is causing issues when big numbers of Magnus is stored
  • Optimizing multiplayer side of barn processes


  • Controller - In progress for the full support for controllers that works well with other platforms.


  • In the process of overhauling the system, to achieve a better and more polished experience after current feedback.


  • Quest system improvements are progressing well, due in line with the new quests for the next big update.


  • Looking into memory leak issues that is happening with certain player’s PC specifications

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