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Patch went live on December 20, 2019.



  • With the feedback we received previously, we have updated our questline and made our tutorials slightly more interactive.


  • The Everdust Desert is a harsh and unforgiving land that features over 6 distinct zones and over 30 areas to explore.
  • Continue your journey into the Everdust Desert to find out more about your lost memory and explore the secrets of this land.
  • Multiple new islands to explore each with their own hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.
  • Over half a dozen new Magnus and their evolutions inhibits the wasteland waiting to be discovered and tamed!
  • More than 15 New Armor sets to collect! Collect materials from all over Ethia to craft and create to mix and match your best look in game!
  • A few new NPCs has join in the fray, can you find out who?
  • New lootdrops, treasures and other items has been added as part of the desert content update
  • Some new side quests has been added, meet the townsfolk of Vokka Town and adventure with them as you progress in your journey.


  • Multiplayer has been in full rework mode to make the co-op up and running, a new way to connect and better connectivity between players are made.

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