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Patch went live on December 28, 2019.



  • Fixed a bug where the Forest campsite when sleeping will cause falling through the ground
  • Fixed a bug relating to normal Magnus not being disabled during a cutscene fight
  • Fixed a bug NPCs are not interactable while he/she is waiting for a certain quest item to be delivered
  • Fixed a bug where totem teleporters are not being saved/ loaded properly
  • Fixed a bug for the dancing minigame, if players pressing ESC during the dialogue will cause some players to get stuck
  • Fixed a bug where portal and dismounting can send players to out of bound areas
  • Fixed a bug where harvesting plants can cause soft locks
  • Fixed a bug where some cutscene characters were overlapping during their dialogue parts
  • Fixed a bug certain Christmas Magnus was not being able to be caught and disappears
  • Fixed some visual indications for when Magnus was being sent to another floor in the barn after the current floor was full, causing players to mistaken their Magnus was disappearing
  • Fixed a bug for fish swimming in the obelisk, skull and desert scenes
  • Fixed a bug where fish was not updating their network variables as intended
  • Fixed a bug where quick indicators in the barn was not showing affection and hunger correctly
  • Fixed a bug where NPC dialogue was not displaying for some players




  • Fixed a bug where cutscenes sometimes does not wait for other players and will cause the scene to change immediately and can cause screen to freeze
  • Fixed a bug where players was dismounting automatically during multiplayer mode changing
  • General network stability improvements

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