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Patch went live on , 2020



  • Fixed an issue where Intimacy Quests cutscene gets duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug where Capsicon plant is not updated when harvested.
  • Fixed an issue where the Unikoz on Baffin Isle has the wrong stats.
  • Stops Magnus from being able to enter the Hotspring
  • Fixed an issue where Magnus attacks are not following mouse position
  • Fixed an issue with wrong animations playing while riding magnus
  • Fixed issue where cutscene after defeating Agriz doesn't trigger and quest gets stuck.
  • Fixed and issue where petting/talking sequence doesn't trigger when interacting with magnus.
  • Fixed mining ore placement to prevent it from going out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue where Rune skills can be triggered while riding magnus.
  • Fixed Fangmist regular attack not causing any attack.
  • Fixed duplicate monsters on Sandy Beach.
  • Fixed an issue where players are unable to retrieve, trigger or update quests.
  • Readjusted quest monster level in Momochi Nest.
  • Fixed a bug where a copy of a magnus still remains in the barn when recruited in party.
  • Fixed farm interaction and data registration.
  • Fixed an issue where fainting during Goblin event will cause the game to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue with Edna intimacy quest where players will freeze.
  • Fixed an bug where players are not able to recruit magnus after releasing magnus from a full Barn.


  • Fixed an issue where Juicy Meat Rolls are missing from the Cooking Station UI.
  • Added images to Folden Meat Goulash and Meat Goulash's 4th ingredient that was missing.
  • Fixed Camera on Baffin Island not being centered on player.
  • Fixed Baffin Island's minimap size being too big.
  • Fixed an issue where magnus from previous floors can be seen in the Barn.




  • Fixed an issue where the enemy's HP bar is still visible after its death.
  • Fixed inaccurate damage calculations when dealing damage.
  • Fixed Cutscene Trigger, where clients and host don't trigger at the same time.
  • Fixed UI visual pop-up not appearing for some interactable objects.

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