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Patch went live on November 28th, 2020.


  • [PC][Gameplay] Fixed Shipping bin item drag & drop and item splitting issue
  • [PC][Gameplay] Removed Pander Isle from teleporter
  • [PC][Gameplay] Fishing tutorial can be done with 0 stamina now
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Fixed fish stats not being displayed properly for Client
  • [PC][Graphic] Fixed Male's Eye that used in Chat Dialogue for Female characters
  • [PC][Gameplay] Resolved cutscene out of range errors in Logging tutorial
  • [All Platforms][Gameplay][Barn]: Magnus stats remain on screen when sending the Magnus to Barn while being in Barn
  • [PC][Text][Snow Festival] During snow festival "/n" debug text is noticed in dialogue
  • [PC][Graphics] Incorrect main story quest marker for goblin event
  • [PC][Graphics]Food table art is missing for the player in the vokka cookoff festival
  • [PC][Multiplayer]The cutscene is triggering without any quest popup for the quest 'Someone In Trouble?'
  • [Switch/PC][Cutscene]Repeated cut scene with the guardian is observed on entering the temple around 1:55 am
  • [PC][Game Design] 'Forest Guardian' quest fails to appear if player faints after the 'Woman's Voice' cutscene and enters 'Wilker Grove' room next day
  • [PC][Multiplayer][Pond] Multiple issues are noticed in the Pond

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