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Patch went live on December 11th, 2020.



Magnus Evolution Food Changes Dracoclaw Longjaw Brattex Dunepooch

Juicy Roasted Meat -> Juicy Raw Meat

Dracofang Megajaw Valemer Brattorg Dunehound Dunewolf

Premium Roasted Meat -> Premium Raw Meat

Bug Fixes

  • [PC][Game Design] Added missing Mithril Ore to Desert biome
  • [PC][Graphics] Lighting issue is noticed in 'Fountain of youth' location
  • [PC][EA] Magnus Drops and Terrain Collider issue
  • [PC][UI] Boss Marker is not displayed in Mini Map
  • [PC][Game Design] Evolve to retain unused stat points, Fusion to choose the lowest remaining stats points among 3
  • [PC][Game Design] Crafting ingot consuming wrong amount of materials
  • [PC][Item Pivot] Cacthred Log Item model is off-center
  • [PC][UI] Inventory Menu UI bug
  • [PC][UI] Friendbook NPC display error
  • [PC][Game Design] Edna not healing after fainting at town center
  • [PC][Design]The player spawns inside the home after the end cutscene of Moo Moo Faire
  • [PC][Game Design] Few of the chest pots are unbreakable in Sunken Temple6 location
  • [PC][Graphics] Lighting issue is observed in lake of sunken temple 6
  • [PC][Game Design] Vokkashark player position
  • [PC][Game Design] Fix overtime healing amount
  • [PC][EA] Magnus Evolution Bug
  • [PC][Multiplayer]The magnus affection is observed on the magnus without consuming the favorite item
  • [PC][UI] Magnus Rename UI
  • [PC][EA][Multiplayer] Non-host cannot craft anything but first island items
  • [PC][Multiplayer]Fish pests are noticed on applying fertilizers to the aqua crops
  • [PC][Audio] Audio overlapped each other
  • [PC] Optimized monster network position syncing.
  • [PC] Fixed unable to catch small fish bug.

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