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Patch went live on December 23rd, 2020.



New Christmas Contents
Celestial Magnus
Player has chance to encounter Celestial Magnus across all biomes now.

Shadow Isle
Introduce new item - Shadow Fragment and Shadow Egg

New Christmas Furniture
Golden Sleigh Bed
Rustic Sleigh Bed
Silver Sleigh Bed

Christmas Tree
Christmas Wreath
Christmas Deer Decor
Snowflake Decor
Christmas Star Decor
Candy Cane Decor

Grey Weave Wallpaper
Sectioned Rustic Wallpaper
Wide Rustic Wallpaper
Classic Rustic Wallpaper
Classic Oriental Wallpaper
Wide Oriental Wallpaper
Sectioned Oriental Wallpaper
Framed Oriental Wallpaper
Mixed Oriental Wallpaper
Centered Oriental Wallpaper
Wide Wooden Wallpaper
Centered Wooden Wallpaper
Classic Wooden Wallpaper
Sectioned Wooden Wallpaper
Blue Frosted Wallpaper
Green Frosted Wallpaper
Red Frosted Wallpaper
Green Ornamental Wallpaper
Gold Ornamental Wallpaper
Green Festive Wallpaper
Turquoise Festive Wallpaper
Red Festive Wallpaper
Green Checkered Wallpaper
Red Checkered Wallpaper
Gold Checkered Wallpaper
Gold Diamond Wallpaper
Frosted Ornamental Wallpaper

Dark Wood Tile
Light Wood Tile
Dark Checkered Tile
Light Checkered Tile
Ash Red Tile
Ash Grey Tile
Pink Brick Tile
Green Brick Tile
Turquoise Brick Tile
Red Squared Tile
Green Diamond Tile
Green Framed Tile
Gold Framed Tile
Red Framed Tile
Green Sectioned Tile
Red Sectioned Tile
White Sectioned Tile
Red Diamond Tile
Gold StarTile

Christmas Limited Wing Cosmetic
Angel Wings is now available in Emilia's General Store

Christmas Limited Wild Loots
Player may collect the wild loots and trade it for Gold

Snowflake - 50 G
Christmas Wreath - 75 G
Candy Cane - 100 G

Bug Fixes

  • [PC][EA] Game would sometimes freeze when using the normal attack while riding the magnus Crachium
  • [PC][Gameplay][Barn] Magnus Barn book displaying coastal text for all other biomes tabs
  • [PC] [Controller] Controller input would sometimes not work on Barn Book UI when switching between mouse and controller input
  • [PC][EA] Magnuses resulting from fusion would end up with only 1 heart of intimacy level
  • [PC][EA] Talking to partied magnus would result in displaying the wrong hunger levels if the hunger levels changed within the play session
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Food stats are not increasing for Magnus placing foods inside the barn in multiplayer
  • [PC][Multiplayer] The client is getting damage while mounting on the magnus during boss fight
  • [PC][Graphics] Some of the stones appears to be in air at 'Blipsville'
  • [PC][UI] Fixed carpenter shop wall and floor department not working as intended with the page numbers.
  • [XB1][Inventory][U.I] Magnus Preview is in zoomed in state in Partner tab
  • [PC][Text] The ALT text is blurred while comparing any items stats in the inventory
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Host goes out of world for few seconds after getting knocked out during the 'HEART OF THE FOREST' quest.
  • [PC][EA] Camera keep going up when enter the House Customization mode
  • [PC][Design] Placing same level items during house customization, one item reverts back to inventory on re-entering home
  • [PC][EA] Not able to place Stool in House Customization
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Repeated dialogue options are noticed in the goblin event quest
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Player is unable to pick dropped seeds and consumable items from the farming pond
  • [QA] [All Platforms] [Animation] Wierd pickup animation when riding the pander
  • [PC][Farm][Fishing] Sometimes 'Kostar' fish swims from small pond to large pond
  • [PC][Graphical] The mini-map is clipping on player movement at Tyranniz Lair
  • [All Platforms][UI][Consumables] Buff indicator is missing for Health and Stamina Buffs
  • [PC][EA] Seed Charging Bug
  • [PC] Fix Wings equipment not displaying in player inventory UI.
  • [PC][Design] 'Gamertags' of the players appears on the loading screen while joining MP session
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Quest Request pop-up doesn't trigger for 'Spiky mushroom' quest upon trying to accept it for the second time
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Client name appears twice randomly during Multiplayer session

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