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Patch went live on January 4th, 2021.



  • [PC][EA] Mini Totem not working
  • [PC][EA] Player skin turns Black/Orange after taming Shadow Magnus
  • [PC][EA] Player skin turns White after taming Celestial Magnus
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Random clients goes out of the world for few seconds before the cut scène after collecting the 25 leaves during golden maple festival
  • [PC][Design]S.P charge animation is carried over throughout the gameplay
  • [PC][Multiplayer]ESC screen appears in the foreground if the client accepts a quest invite from a host while sleeping at a campsite
  • [PC][Functionality] Wall items appears to be in air upon upgrading the House
  • [PC][Multiplayer] Client is unable to Leave/Quit the Multiplayer session when host pauses the game session
  • [PC][Multiplayer] 'Chat Window' and 'Gamertags' are carried forward inside the inventory
  • [PC][Functionality] Game would be stuck in the loading screen when player changes barn floors after withdrawing a recently evolved magnus from party

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