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Seamare Icon 001.png
Stage: Rarity Star Icon 001.png Rarity Star Icon 001.png Rarity Star Empty Icon 001.png
Biome: Coastal Coastal
Location(s): Vokka Coast
Behavior: Passive Icon 001.png Passive
Magnus Favorite Icon 001.png Favorite: Glitterpod
Magnus Like Icon 001.png Likes: Aqua crops
Magnus Dislike Icon 001.png Dislikes: Ore
Magnus Drops
Land Crops
Type: Magical Ranged Magical Ranged
Supporter Supporter
Farm Skill: None
Size: Medium
Base Stats
STR Icon 001.png Strength: 5
FOC Icon 001.png Focus: 5
INT Icon 001.png Intelligence: 5
WIS Icon 001.png Wisdom: 8
END Icon 001.png Endurance: 6
LUK Icon 001.png Luck: 8
Health Icon 001.png Health: 100
Stamina Icon 001.png Stamina: 60
Physical Damage Icon 001.png Attack: 8
Physical Defense Icon 001.png Defense: 12
Magical Damage Icon 001.png Magical Attack: 8
Magical Defense Icon 001.png Magical Defense: 13

Seamare is a magnus in Re:Legend.

Description[edit | edit source]

The one question philosophers have been pondering on since time immemorial, which came first, the Seamare or the Stars?

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Name SP Cost Cooldown Description
Stardust Pulse 7 5 Sec Sprays stardust in a cone that stuns enemies briefly.
Starry Storm 7 10 Sec Summons a starfield that calls upon falling stars.
Party Buff (Passive)
Stamina +15% Magical Attack +10%
Life Skill

Drops[edit | edit source]

Main page: Magnus Drops
Name Description
Juicy Raw Meat Icon 001.png Juicy Raw Meat A juicy raw meat
Premium Raw Meat Icon 001.png Premium Raw Meat A premium raw meat
Sea Fin Icon 001.png Sea Fin A webbed fin obtained from the Seacolt species.
Sea Scale Icon 001.png Sea Scale Large scale dropped from the Seacolt species.
Sea Shell Icon 001.png Sea Shell Shell with a weird curve from the Seacolt species.

Evolution Stages[edit | edit source]

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Seacolt Seamare Seagasus
Seacolt Icon 001.png Seamare Icon 001.png Seagasus Icon 001.png
Evolution Requirements Evolution Requirements
Level Stats Item Level Stats Item
15 15 Wisdom Rainbow 45 50 Wisdom Starbream
Heart Icon 001.png Heart Icon 001.png Heart Empty Icon 001.pngHeart Empty Icon 001.pngHeart Empty Icon 001.png Heart Icon 001.png Heart Icon 001.png Heart Icon 001.png Heart Icon 001.pngHeart Icon 001.png