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Spring is the first calendar season of a year in Re:Legend. It is followed by Summer Icon 001.png Summer and preceded by Winter Icon 001.png Winter.


Festivals and other events

Day Name Description
6th Kiosk Sales Day Items in kiosk area are discounted by 20%.
10th Kai Festival Festival of the Great Kai. Present your biggest Kairoot for good luck.
13th Industrial Sales Day Items in industrial area are discounted by 20%.
16th Flower Festival The people of Vokka Town celebrate the season by decorating the town with flowers.
20th Combat Sales Day Items in combat area are discounted by 20%.
27th Fish Racing Participate in fish racing and become a winner


Day Villager Description
4th Moku Icon 001.png Moku The good old mayor's birthday, make sure not to give him seeds.
8th Yia Icon 001.png Yia Little Yia takes a step closer towards adulthood, don't forget to praise his hair.
17th Gunther Icon 001.png Gunther Gunther seems a bit too excited, but it IS his birthday.
21st Shio Icon 001.png Shio A gift of fish will make Shio's day, and maybe a cute plushie.
23rd Emilia Icon 001.png Emilia Emilia celebrates her **th birthday, don't ask.


Land Crops

Name Description
Appearl Icon 001.png Appearl Fruit with a sweet crisp exterior.
Bulberry Icon 001.png Bulberry Pulpy fruit with a sweet taste.
Eggplant Icon 001.png Eggplant A vegetable with a crisp exterior and a yolky center.
Kairoot Icon 001.png Kairoot Root vegetable that is surprisingly juicy.
Popberry Icon 001.png Popberry A bunch of sweet and sour pulpy fruit.

Aquatic Crops

Name Description
Bloomwort Icon 001.png Bloomwort Gellatinous fruit with a strong sour taste.
Glitterpod Icon 001.png Glitterpod Concentrated sweetness within a pod.
Glowfig Icon 001.png Glowfig Soft fruit with sweet dark flesh.
Plumose Icon 001.png Plumose Succulent fruit with and odd sweetness.
Sunkelp Icon 001.png Sunkelp Large brown algae with the scent of the sea.

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