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Summer is the second calendar season of a year in Re:Legend. It is followed by Autumn Icon 001.png Autumn and preceded by Spring Icon 001.png Spring.


Festivals and other events[]

Day Name Description
6th Kiosk Sales Day Items in kiosk area are discounted by 20%.
9th Valentine's Day It's time to be romantic. Cheers your Bachelors/Bachlorettes with a gift or date, perhaps.
13th Industrial Sales Day Items in industrial area are discounted by 20%.
15th Fireworks Show Everyone gather at the beach to watch the fireworks.
20th Combat Sales Day Items in combat area are discounted by 20%.
27th Fish Racing Participate in fish racing and become a winner


Day Villager
5th Mia Icon 001.png Mia
8th Ria Icon 001.png Ria
20th Caren Icon 001.png Caren
28th Aquila Icon 001.png Aquila


Land Crops[]

Name Description
Cucore Icon 001.png Cucore Long fruit with black and red swirls on the exterior.
Flausom Icon 001.png Flausom Green fruit that resembles a snail shell.
Garlint Icon 001.png Garlint A bulb vegetable with a pungent smell.
Luffel Icon 001.png Luffel A round fruit grown in the summer.
Pintrot Icon 001.png Pintrot Pink edible flower that sprouts from the ground.

Aquatic Crops[]

Name Description
Chupods Icon 001.png Chupods Juicy purple fruit with a sweet taste.
Janana Icon 001.png Janana Jelly fruit with a chewy center.
Mimelo Icon 001.png Mimelo Round fruit with sweet orange flesh and green skin.
Plizzapad Icon 001.png Plizzapad An underwater algae that looks like a pizza.
Wataro Icon 001.png Wataro Crumbly inner flesh with a rough and hard exterior.