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Mythical creatures known as Magnus roam the land of Ethia, and every single one of them is tamable. They will aid you in many ways such as during combat, farming, fishing, traveling and more. They will also grow and evolve depending on your care, so each of them has unique evolution conditions. Once the Magnus has gained your trust, you can mount them and use their abilities at will. These abilities will be helpful in your adventure in many ways so make sure to take good care of them!

How To Tame:[]

Select the taming food from your inventory. This may be done my right clicking on an item in the inventory and selecting "Hold", or by putting them into your hot bar/Tool Belt. Face the Magnus that you wish to tame with the food in hand. A red circle will highlight your current target, with a blue semicircle and arrow to confirm the direction of your targeting. Once you have your target selected, click the right mouse button to throw the selected food towards the Magnus to feed them. A speech bubble will form above the Magnus when fed. Do not worry if you miss, as any food you throw will be able to be picked up again.

Watch the speech bubble that forms above the Magnus; it will let you know if the food thrown is a food liked or disliked by the Magnus in question. An angry symbol will appear if the Magnus dislikes the food and a heart will appear if it likes the food. Keep trying different foods till you get a heart then keep feeding the Magnus that same food. Favoured foods of each Magnus will also be visible in the database if a Magnus of that type has been defeated before. When you have sufficiently fed a Magnus with the appropriate food, a bunch of hearts will appear and swirl around the Magnus.

Once this happens, approach the Magnus. You will see a crystal above their head prompting you to press the "F"/use key to mount them. Upon mounting them, a circle surrounded by a bar will appear along with a timer. The goal of this minigame is to keep the small moving circle as close to the middle of the bigger one as possible until the bar if filled completely. The bar will fill when the smaller circle is near the center and empty the further the smaller circle is. Press the movement keys (WASD on most computers) in quick succession (spam the buttons) towards the direction of the circle's center. There will be buttons just outside the larger circle that also serve to guide you on which button to press. If the bar completely empties, you will be bucked off the Magnus. You will still be able to try to tame it again if this happens. Note that getting bucked off 3 times will cause the Magnus to become aggressive, but you can feed the Magnus again to reset this count.

Once the bar is filled, you would have successfully tamed the Magnus, and it would either join your party or return to the barn depending on whether your party is full. You are now able to share adventures around the world of Ethia together!


- Taming a Magnus while it is in combat with you (Most noticeable with aggressive Magnus such as Pruni) may cause any current Magnus in you party to continue to attack, aiming towards your direction. The attacks do not do any damage to you nor your newly tamed Magnus. Mounting the semi-hostile party member fixes the glitch. (Version 16.3.10)