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"Vokka Village is where your new life begins! Befriend local villagers and join exciting festivals together to have a good time.
Pay attention to their needs, and help them in their daily lives so they can help you retrieve your lost memories.

Vokka Town is the starting area of the game, and serves as a central hub for majority of activities in Re:Legend.The player's farm, several shops, and most NPCs in the game are encountered here.


The locations within Vokka Town, starting South and going counterclockwise, are:


The player's house, farm, and fish farm are found here. The house consists of your bed, a save spot in the form of a lamp, a storage shell and an oven for cooking. The main farm is where you can grow crops, raise fish and gather certain types of wild items. There is a teleporter next to your house

Points of Interest[]

Crafting Station

A stall directly to the West of your house. You can craft weapons, armour and tools here.

Land Crop Plot

An 18x18 patch of land that allows you to plant Land Crops; as well as gather Ferns, Old Logs, Stones, and Wild Mushrooms.

Small Fish Pond

A sectioned off area of the body of water on the farm, to the West. Small fish can be raised here. There is a fish feeder in front of this pond.

Big Fish Pond

The Big Fish Pond takes up a majority of the water body on the Farm. Medium and Large sized fishes can be kept here. The fish feeder for this pond is located on a pier at the East side of the pond's bank. There is a hidden area in the Southeast where a Haste Rune can be found.

Aquatic Crop Plot

An 18x18 patch in the Large Fish Pond that enables the planting of Aquatic Crops. Bushes, Sea Ferns, and Starfish can be gathered here.


This is where tamed Magnus will live when not actively following the player. There are 4 rooms in the barn, each able to house five Magnus. There is a large shell that serves as a centerpiece, and in front of it is a Barn Book that contains information on each tamed Magnus and allows you to rename them, add them to your party, move them to different rooms, or release them.

Angler's Pier[]

The Angler's Pier is located to the far East-southeast of Vokka Town. Pia, Mia, and their children live here. At the end of every in-game month, a fish race will be held in this location.

Points of Interest[]

Fishing Spots

There are two fishing spots at the Angler's Pier, where you can catch:

Rare fish such as Starbreams and Kilopods are more common at the second fishing spot, located further East.

Trader's Corner[]

The Trader's corner is where the player can buy tools, seeds, and certain food items.

Points of Interest[]

General Store (Open 7:00 to 19:00, Break 13:00 to 15:00, Closed Sundays)

Emilia runs a general store where you can buy tools, seeds, and other items.

Cafeteria (13:00 to 22:45, Open Everyday)

An East Asian style restaurant run by Mori. Players can buy food here.

Vokka Beach[]

A seaside beach located on the East side of the town. Certain events are held here. There is a small campsite in this area.

Points of Interest[]

Fishing Spots

There is one fishing spot at Vokka Beach, located slightly Northwest along the coast. The following fish are known to be caught here:

Town Square[]

The town square is located at the center of Vokka Town, where a teleporter can be found next to a Guardian crystal. Most Events are held here. Mayor Moku lives to the North of this area. The town square connects to all other parts of Vokka Village.

Points of Interest[]

Mayor's House

Mayor Moku lives to the North of the town square, next to a pond.

Guardian Crystal

There is a large crystal at the center of the town square, on a slightly raised area. This crystal holds significance to the game's main story questline.

Vokka Gate[]

The main entrance to Vokka Town from the Coastal area. This is where warriors and hunters would go.

Points of Interest[]

Guild House (Always open)

A building located near the gate of Vokka town. This is where players can go to accept quests from the Guild Board, or enter multiplayer mode using the Summoning Crystal. Gunther oversees the Guild operations in Vokka town.

Hospital (Always open)

Edna runs the hospital of Vokka Village. This is where you first wake up in the game, and the place you would be transported to should you faint. Take note that after fainting, you'll wake up the next day with half Health and Stamina!

Training Area

There is a small training area next to the Guild House. Unfortunately, it is merely decorative for now and serves no purpose in gameplay.

Blacksmith (Open 7:00 to 19:00, Break 13:00 to 15:00, Closed Fridays)

To the Southwest of Vokka Gate, near the entrance to the town square, is a bright pink building. This is the Blacksmith area, where Hugo lives. Obviously.

Witch Hut (Open 7:00 to 19:00, Break 13:00 to 15:00, Closed Mondays)

Yuri will move into this building when the appropriate quest has been completed. She sells runestones, which can be equipped and used by the player.

Artisan Valley[]

This is where players can go to buy crafting materials such as ore and logs. Len, and Lloyd live here.

Points of Interest[]

Lumberjack (Open 7:00 to 18:00, Break 12:00 to 14:00, Closed Wednesdays)

Len is the resident lumberjack of Vokka Town. He runs a shop South of the Artisan Valley, in a log shaped building.

Miner Hut (Open 7:00 to 19:00, Break 13:00 to 15:00, Closed Tuesdays)

The Miner Hut North of the Artisan Valley is run by a sleepy Lloyd. You can buy ore from him here.

Carpenter (Open 7:00 to 19:00, Break 13:00 to 15:00, Closed Thursdays)

Caren will take up residence here when the appropriate quest is completed. She will help to upgrade buildings around Vokka Town, as well as sell furnishings for your house!


There is a small gateway in the Artisan Valley that cannot be crossed. On the map, it is a point of interest, possibly similar to the training area.


Image for Vokka Town's Map, Version 16.3.9

Image for Vokka Town's Map, Version 16.3.9

VokkaVillage map 1.png